Welcome to SRS Technologies

  • SRS Technologies, a major supplier to STM and academic publishers, specialises in the project management and composition of books and journals
  • SRS Technologies production services incorporate the complete range of pre-press services right from Copy Editing to delivering files to printers. We provide multi-platform (both Mac and PC) pagination process through wide array of softwares like: InDesign, Quark XPress, 3B2 and MS Word.

About Us

SRS Technologies (SRST) is the leading Information and Print media company for more than decades. Today, SRST is more focused company with global leadership positions in key markets of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) and software. Keeping the rapid growth of ITES sector in mind, the Group has created a state-of-the-art production facility at its Pondicherry unit. We are successfully been able to provide value-added world-class services to discerning publishers, thereby associate with them to cut cost without compromising on quality, speed and security.

In today’s service-driven and technology-influenced business world, SRST delivers high end-to-end solutions for an integrated and multi-channel communications service to manage its client’s business processes. Its team has expertise in various back office activities such as typesetting of books and journals, graphic designing (reproductive/creative artwork), proofreading, XML conversion, editorial services, indexing, e-books, form filling, data conversion, advertisement and printing.

Our Mission

To provide expert back office services that meet existing and emerging demands around the world. This we will achieve with cutting-edge software, hardware and know-how. We will offer comprehensive and holistic solutions, on par with global trends and deliver the same efficiently and quickly.

Our Vision

To become the first option for companies all around the world requiring expert, efficient and value-driven back office services. To be able to fulfil the most exacting demands of our clients enthusiastically; therefore, they remain loyal customers for a long time.

We have qualified teams of technical professionals with well-defined automated workflow for the quality and faster delivery. Each team is being headed by a team leader, who reports to the production manager, who certifies work completion for the shift and reports to the client with the updated status for the final submission. We ensure absolute confidentiality for all jobs done with us.

All accuracy and completion parameters will be measured and documented at the end of every shift. The performance monitoring of the company will be done every fortnight. All evaluations will be done as a weighted scale of different parameters ranging from behavioural tendencies to technical skills to consistency of performance. The performances will be recognized every quarter end.




Editorial Services

Our core editing team headed by our Chief Editor has a global experience that most such groups cannot match. For example, we are not challenged by the varied idiomatic expressions of English prevalent among minority groups in any part of the world . Like the best Wall Street brokers that crunch numbers for breakfast, our editorial department has a voracious appetite for words and expressions. They can also be hard taskmasters when it comes to following strict rules of grammar and punctuation.

Typesetting of Books/Journals/Souvenirs

We use multiple platforms for composition depending on the complexity and dynamics of the projects. Our team has the expertise to handle any complex artwork task such as digital illustration, charts, conversion, graph, map, redraws and chemical structure. We have the expertise to operate in all software including Quark XPress, InDesign, Frame Maker, Tex/LaTeX and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.

We have typeset School and College Books, Academic Papers, Research Publications, Novels, STM journals, Trade Manuals and educational books that encompass a wide range of subject areas from social science to mathematics.

Artwork Creation

Simple Drawing

Technical art, creative design, medical illustration, animations, graphic reproduction, photorealistic art, color management, scanning, photo manipulation, 3D visualizations, cover design

Conversion Process

We have expertise to handle all kinds of conversion projects such as ePub, XML and HTML and word conversions. We can provide output with device compatibility such as iPad, iPhone, Kindle, KF8, Sony Reader, Nook and Kobo. The epub file done by us will be ready to upload in iBook Store without any errors.






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